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Jaishree, founder of the Soul Culture Yoga School, and her husband, lead teacher and master musician Kalanidhi invite you to experience the magic of music, mantra and yoga.  Bliss Body Alchemy™ is a yoga workshop designed to reach into the heart of any practitioner, turn the key and remind them of their natural radiance.


For the past 6 years, we’ve had the honor of practicing with and singing to thousands of people all over the world.  Whether moving in vinyasa flow, bathing in a savasana sound bath, dancing or chanting, Bliss Body Alchemy™ taps on the window to your heart and delivers nectar”.


Kalanidhi and Jaishree will transport you via live music

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Most people come to yoga to find relief from suffering.  On the other side of this path to liberation is a shift in consciousness where we link to our spiritual personality.  Our freedom is then the gateway to a higher goal of sustainable bliss in relationship to everyone and everything.

We start our yoga journey with pranams: the sacred art form of offering our practice to the Divine, our ancestry and our teachers.  As we move through thematic sequences that connect us to earth, water, fire, air, solar, lunar, and astrological energies we cultivate a relationship between structured alignment and total freedom of flow.  In this space the shadow energies of fear, pain, grief and sadness can find reunion with their light partners of happiness, forgiveness, authenticity and courage.

Live music throughout class connects us with our most primal and sacred selves.  There is a special synergy between those that play and those that dance.  We dissolve the boundaries between our mind, body and heart.  We experience a shared transformation through sound and movement.  We are both one and separate in our personal experiences of safety and healing.

Mantra is the yogic science of freeing the mind with positive sound vibration.  It is needed now more than ever to combat the anxiety and mania of our time.  Mantras cut through the negativity by replacing psychic pain with peace and happiness.  In this workshop, freedom in mind and body is our foundation to embody bliss.



Music is universal.  Mantras are universal.  Yoga is universal.  Bliss Body Alchemy is not just for the advanced or the believers.  It just works.  Over the past 10 years we’ve seen thousands of people leave our classes, workshops and retreats with tears in their eyes, lightness in their body and passion for their practice.”



Stowe Yoga retreat 5.16 163BIO Kalanidhi – Kalanidhi das, aka Clarence Dow-Spielman, has studied cello in the western classical tradition since the age of three. His horizons broadened as he began to collaborate with singer-songwriters of different genres and develop a compositional style of his own. Centering breath practices such as chi gong, tai chi and yoga ground his musicianship as he offers his soulful playing in service to others and to the Divine. Kalanidhi is an RYT 200 certified Soul Culture Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and JivAtma Energy Healer. To learn more about his mentorship, music, and service visit



Monique & Blane of Hand in Hand Massage

monique-blane-kudosWe wanted to be taken care of – time to relax, let go and unwind. When we arrived for our couples Bliss Body Alchemy session with Jaishree and Kalanidi we immediately began to feel at ease and peaceful in the glow of the candle lit room. We took our place on the warm pads arranged on the floor for us and Jaishree guided us into gentle poses while Kalanidi played the cello. Then as they sang and chanted, leading us into a peaceful rest we melted into a calm reverie. It was a fabulous, nurturing and memorable evening that we would recommend for any couple who is looking to do something a little different together, to share time and space together and who needs a beautiful experience created uniquely for them.
Monique Illona & Blane Allen, Healer & Owners at & Creators of the Dual Path Institute, Marblehead, MA

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