Soul Mapping Sessions

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Mahatma Ghandi


Do you want a focused mind that plays positive, inspiring messages on loop?

Do you want a strong, healthy meditation that empowers your intuitive flow?

Let’s Work!


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You’re invited to walk with me on a healing journey called Soul Mapping.

Soul Mapping is 100% uniquely attuned to your needs, vibrations, and desires. We cut through the jungles of your body/mind/ego and co-create the map that reveals the blueprint of your soul. Activate your bliss!

Soul Mapping is a mentoring program entered into as sacred relationship between yourself and Jaishree. Initial sessions are $150. If you choose to move forward and work together, sessions are worked out on a sliding scale agreement based upon a mutually comfortable and financially sustainable situation. In the yoga tradition of student and teacher, money is always an energetic representation of shared respect. It’s value is only proportional to the relationship of the beholder and the teachings. When Jaishree takes on students, she takes them on with her whole being. This means that with healthy boundaries always in practice, she thinks of them outside of meeting times, meditating on their qualities, making notes on their goals and allowing for the channeling of her guides to come through with the intention of their highest potentiality to evolve. This assumes physical, emotional and mental time and energy. Jaishree asks for a minimum one-year commitment with meetings ranging from weekly to monthly depending. This is a sacred engagement that is to be cherished and respected on both sides.

Sessions are 100% Unique and may Include:

  • Soul Culture Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Pranayama Breathing & Meditation
  • Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultation
  • Chakra Cleansing (subtle-body energy field freedom)
  • Guided Meditation & Crystal Therapy
  • Archetype & Lineage Exploration
  • Dream Journal & Intentional Wisdom Coaching
  • Mantra Chanting & Varnashram Education
  • Bhakti Yoga & Vedic Culture Philosophy
  • Live Sound Healing on the Amethyst Healing BioMat
Initial 75 minute Session  $150 then Sliding Scale


Contact me for details + to book your session


I wasn’t certain what Soul Mapping would entail, and going through the session I wasn’t certain what to make of it. But what I feel and knew almost immediately after leaving last night is that my energy shifted and whatever was making me feel depleted previously was no longer present. I had a moment of awareness that I had returned to myself and felt empowered in a way that I have not in a long while. I had allowed my energy to be given without being able to find it within myself to return to my power of self. The day after, I felt grounded and now have a sense of clarity. I’m making good choices. I am feeling amazing!
— Angela Maione, Yoga Teacher & Director of Operations

Jaishree is my yoga “mother”! I say this because I truly believe that when she started teaching me I was reborn. I am not the same person that I was a few years ago, and I have my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful teacher to thank for that. With patience and devoted love, Jai taught me to be present. She taught me to let go, to detach from that which does not serve me, but most importantly she taught me how to breathe. Breathe through a pose, breathe through tension, breathe through stress, just breathe. In her presence, I was calm and at peace. Under her watchful guidance, I transformed. In her divine and spiritual light I was able to let go, to love more, to be happy, and redefine my path in order to live my authentic life.
— Dorothy Handy, Director Sales Readiness at Oracle


As a college student, Jaishree’s honest and playful approach to yoga captivated an otherwise occasional yogi at best. Through her practice I learned to be gentle with myself as well as the importance of being fully present in my daily life. Recently, I began new career in a new industry. When my company was considering beginning a monthly yoga class, I knew just the person to call. I knew Jaishree’s grounded and loving spirit would compliment a start-up company’s hyper-driven and usually harried office environment. She delivered. My continued work with her through recent years has inspired me to join her retreat to Costa Rica in February 2014. I am eager to see how she will blend the raw beauty of the jungle and its coastline with the beauty of every retreat member. A true blessing of Jaishree is her ability to connect with her students, understand what it is they need and encourage them give it to themselves.
— Ashley MacDonald, Manager

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