Costa Rica January 23 – 30, 2016


Soul Culture Yoga Retreat
in Paradise with Jaishree
Costa Rica January 23 – 30, 2016

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous tropical landscape of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica’s last remaining low-level rainforest preserve. Live lush in the jungle and blissful on the beach. Attune your body with the rise and fall of the sun. Meditate on the ripening of coconuts. Cleanse in the ebb and flow of pristine ocean waves. Pura Vida! This is Soul Culture!

Your Inner God/dess Awaits You

Want to reconnect with your perfect soul? For us, creating abundance means diving deep into our eternal transcendent spirit, clearing out space, and rekindling the fire of our bliss. Add the natural elements of untouched jungle and ocean, and you have a master recipe for creating Soul Culture Yoga.


Our days begin by watching the sunrise, and ends to the tune of singing creepers. We eat delicious pure vegetarian meals, home cooked with love. We swim and surf in the ocean near high tide, and lounge by the pool to rest when it’s low. Our yoga is dynamic, devoted, and fun for all levels. Spa treatments of massage, facials, wraps, and acupuncture envelop our body and mind in bliss. Daily adventures like waterfall river hikes, horseback riding, kayaking, birdwatching, or visits to the local arts fair keep us totally alive and inspired. Everyday, we’ll enjoy Osa papaya and mango while stunningly red parrots flock in a nearby tree. The sand feels warm under our feet. Life becomes close to perfect, and we can connect to our soul individually and in family style community.

In Costa Rica the motto is ‘Pura Vida’.

Pura Vida means attuning yourself to the simple rhythms of life. We add the profound practice of yoga to these elements, and create sacred community for transformation.
The natural abundance of the Osa Peninsula will draw out your radiance. Everything on the Osa is ripe for falling in love with life.
Miraculous moments happen all day, and we intend to practice bliss.

How do we get there?

You’re responsible for purchasing flights, both to Costa Rica (San Jose airport) and to the the Osa herself (Puerto Jimenez airport).

US airlines cover the 1st flight. Sansa or Nature Air cover the 2nd.

Both Sansa and Nature Air are good companies. We try Sansa first as we find they make traveling a bit easier. Be very sure to give them your US flights. You need at least 2 hours in between arriving and departing to allow for customs, baggage check, etc.

Ask us about for the name of our travel agent.

Plan to leave very early and travel half the day on Saturday January 23.


The “puddle jumper” flight to the Southern Pacific tip of the country is a truly phenomenal view and highlight of our journey. You are picked up fresh off that flight, and driven by taxi to our home at Boca Sombrero. Located near Matapalo beach, world famous for it’s amazing surf, Boca Sombrero sits on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. It’s one of the last low-land rainforest preserves in the world, and you can feel the blessed energy through the sounds and sights of it’s animal life. Our house Mother Monika will graciously greet you and take you to your room. We’ll meet for dinner at 6:30pm.

Discover Your Bliss through
JaiShreeYoga Soul Mapping™


Soul Mapping is the time tested yoga process of reclaiming your passionate radiant being. Our classes involve vinyasa flow yoga, pranayama breath technique, ayurveda ‘science of life’ diet and lifestyle consultation, chakra cleansing (subtle body energy field freedom), guided meditation, archetype journey (bringing union to the male and female figures inside all of us), dream journaling, sacred mantra chanting (mind detox), and bhakti philosophy education.

Retreat classes are special as we attune to the time of the day we practice, and get to focus on goal poses, group assisting and play.

Sacred Mantra Kirtan

The roots of kirtan go back 528 years to the birth of a saint named Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Millions of people are experiencing the benefits of mantra chanting today because of His glory. But what are we chanting? And to whom are we chanting? Jaishree is initiated into the unbroken lineage of Bhakti Vedanta. You will enjoy the ecstasy of chanting the great mantras and hearing their meanings and benefits. These stories pierce right to our very essence and leave us with sweet dreams and compassionate moods.



6am Breakfast: coffee, tea, fresh fruit, yogurt
Yoga / Surfing
10:30am Brunch
Swim, Surf, Adventures
1:30pm Lunch
Playtime, Massages, Optional Adventures
4:30pm Yoga / Surfing
6:30pm Dinner
Closing Circle + Dreamtime

* All meals are gourmet farm-to-table pure vegetarian which means no meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions. We eat SO abundantly and everyone feels amazing which helps attune to the science of devotional yoga, bhakti. This is also a non-alcohol retreat. You will be high on pura vida. Thank you.


Packages are all inclusive of accommodations, meals, yoga. *Airfare, Taxis, Adventures + Spa Services not included.
There is a $29 airport tax when you leave the country, payable by cash or credit card.
If you are greatly pleased by your staff, you can show that with a nice tip upon departure (we recommend $50 per person).
We recommend you prepare about $500 for your stay. Most decide they want to enjoy spa services and adventure trips. Although we’ve had good luck with them ourselves, the ATM’s in town are not always reliable.
Pack Lightly! We’re in the jungle, it’s hot. Bring swim wear, yoga wear, a sarong, shorts, hiking shoes or sneakers for the river hike, flashlight/headlamp (a must), bug spray, sunscreen, your meds, a book yoga mat, and a water bottle. Our yoga deck is so lovely and fully stocked with mats and blocks, but always best in sweaty times to use your own mat.
The water in Costa Rica is amazing! No need to buy bottles. Drink up.
You MUST have a valid passport to enter Costa Rica (and it must not expire within 30 days of your arrival for U.S. citizens and 180 days for some other nationalities).
You do not need a Visa if you are a U.S. citizen. Other nationalities should check with your consulate.
You do not need any vaccinations.




HOUSES: Casa Playa Sombrero, Casi Rio Sombero, and Casa Troya are the 3 open air homes on Boca Sombrero property. Each beautifully furnished home faces the ocean and/or mountains. They were designed for optimum ocean and breeze flow with separate king or queen size beds, bathroom, and kitchen, hammocks, and plenty of space. One of the homes has a huge pool, open to our retreat group. One of the homes has a separate hot tub. These homes are shared by singles or couples in group totaling 3 or more people.

Please make note if you wish to room with a friend or you are willing to share a bed in a shared home.

Casa Grande is the larger house on the property. She is our gathering space for meals and community time. Internet, drinks, extra safes, and activity boards are always available in Casa Grande.

THATCH ROOF TENTS: Our eight thatched-roof tent platforms are spread out on the magnificent 20-acre property. They are specially designed for comfort in a tropical climate. The thatched roof will keep you dry and cool, while a transparent material along the roofline lets in light. The platforms are outfitted with beautiful, screened Moroccan-style tents whose special fabric allows for ventilation and guarantees dulce sueños (sweet dreams). Each bungalow has a cozy porch for relaxing and a private, open-air shower adjacent. Shared bathroom facilities are nearby and conveniently located.


Pricing includes accommodations, meals, and all yoga scheduled activities plus one group river hike.


$1,799 per person

See examples here.

❤ Pay in Full $500 Deposit

$500 deposit holds your spot + ensures the smooth running of our retreat.
Payment in full not due until end of August 2015. We accept cash, check, money order, + PayPal.

Have a PayPal account linked to your bank? Consider sending as FRIENDS + FAMILY


$1,999 per person

See examples here.

❤ Pay in Full $500 Deposit

$500 deposit holds your spot + ensures the smooth running of our retreat.
Payment in full not due until end of August 2015. We accept cash, check, money order, + PayPal.

Have a PayPal account linked to your bank? Consider sending as FRIENDS + FAMILY


$2,499 per person

See examples here.

❤ Pay in Full $500 Deposit

$500 deposit holds your spot + ensures the smooth running of our retreat.
Payment in full not due until end of August 2015. We accept cash, check, money order, + PayPal.

Have a PayPal account linked to your bank? Consider sending as FRIENDS + FAMILY

Visit to learn about our paradise retreat home.

I am here to answer any questions.

Call me 857-246-9108


All activities will be arranged for you upon arrival and re-visited daily at meals. We have a calendar and display a schedule board.
Prices are per person in USD.
If a taxi is needed for a tour that starts in Puerto Jimenez, the price of transportation can be split between all passengers. The taxi is $30 each way (up to 3 people), $10 per person more, and holds up to 6 people.
River Nature Hike – free of charge
Surf Lessons – $45, Board rental – $25
Horseback riding + Waterfall Rappel – $105
Tree Climb – $75
Dolphin Watch + Boat Tour – $65 (plus taxi to Puerto Jimenez)
Kayaking – $35
Bird Watching – $30
Spa services:
Massage – $65 one hour, $90 one and a half hour
Acupuncture – $65 one hour

* Boca Sombrero has the best beach to learn to surf. The water is warm 365 days a year and the waves are very forgiving. Give it a try!

Please read our Terms and Conditions

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