This is not your average yoga retreat…

Jagannath Puri is one of the most sacred places in India. They say the healing air of the ocean mixed with the transcendental potency clears our negative karma and manifests our dreams to reality.

A typical day will have us awakening early to the delightful sounds of India.

The temple room opens with morning prayers and singing at 5am. This is optional, but it is such a special part of the bhakti yoga tradition – the waking of the deities. We meet for our morning sunrise walk on the beach and then head upstairs to the roof to practice. We’ll take breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then relax by the pool, chat or read, or shop until lunch which is usually at 1pm. The vegetarian food we eat is prepared by devotees and called “prasad”. We will visit the unique and sacred temples, walking where the saints walked, including the famous Jagannath Temple and Sun Temple in Konark. These trips occur either in the earlier or later daytime, riding in India’s fun (and possibly wild) auto-rickshaws or small buses, seeing the sights and enjoying fresh coconuts, fruits, or sorbets. Spiritual shopping is always part of our practice. We will swim in our own hotel pool, on the beach, and at other beaches. You will enjoy massages (with the option to go daily on your own to a neighborhood Ayurvedic spa). We will come back to the hotel for evening classes, guest lectures, evening worship in the temple, and have dinner around 8pm. You always have the option to opt out of any of the gatherings, should you need solitude or rest. We keep it busy, but we always take nap and rest time too.

India is a totally different planet.

You will feel far away from all the hustle and bustle of your material life. You will be able to relax and yet you will be challenged to see with new eyes. India is a cleansing of the heart.

Our neighborhood is adorable and safe.

We are in a beach town that caters to western seekers. There are restaurants and shops and everyone will get to know us. They are so friendly! The ladies and shopkeepers who live on the beach will be eager to serve us with henna tatooing, pearls and jewelry, coconuts and camel rides. Part of the potency of the this retreat is that I have spent time with my spiritual family in Puri and other places in India, so we are not among strangers. Our hotel has 2 names – The Sea Palace or the Jayasri Damodara Temple. Our accommodations are great, rooms have balconies and all have western bathrooms. There are plenty of shops to get your toiletries and keepsakes galore.

I like to “turn off” from the noise and stress of my American life when I go on retreat.

Still though, there are internet stores a short walk away and WIFI in the hotel. For those who do bring computers, you may find yourself happily sharing with our group for adding pictures up on-line or connecting with loved ones back home. We are looking at flights now, but we will have meetings where we discuss details such as what clothing to bring, health and wellness preparation, social etiquette and more. The first meeting is Monday August 5 at 7:30pm. Prepare for hot and sometimes balmy weather, rain showers are possible as are cooler nights. October and March are the best weather seasons in India.
The vibrations is already happening… can you feel it?

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