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Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. The key to success is to start before you’re ready”. Marie Forleo




Do you have a daily practice?

Do you pray, do you dance, do you heal?

Celebrate & Prosper by following your bliss!


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Group yoga classes provide supportive communal energy for optimum productivity and surrender of stress.


Group Soul Mapping Sessions create safe space for engaging authentic communication, creativity, and motivation.  Break free of monotony, inertia, and negative thinking in your home, partnership, or business. Create abundance, balance, and joy.  Fine-tune your practice to include new traditions and habits that stem from an ancient foundation. This is sacred artistry of vedic philosophy meshed with modern real-time wisdom.  Whether you’re working to uplift your project, heal your family, or stimulate abundance, this epic plug-in is key to results.


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Corporate Soul Mapping Sessions also known as Craft Your Culture ∼ Brand Your Bliss  book as day, weekend, or week-long conference workshops and prove phenomenal results as empowerment for yourself, your team, and your business.

The secret to branding and running your entrepreneurial business successfully? Establish that lifestyle and culture makes your Team happy first, and that your branding is your calling card to the Universe.  Your Team is your Tribe. Your Tribe is your Client Community. Create Community that you serve for a lifetime. End the stress of competition by becoming the brightest star in your galaxy.

Would you like to invite an inspiring guest teacher to engage your audience in a healing movement, empowering talk, grounding meditation or community exploration activity?

I believe that each human being is inherently inspired. Craft Your Culture ∼ Brand Your Bliss™ shares a time tested fusion of Eastern & Western spiritual psychological wisdom techniques in the service of awakening that natural radiance. I speak to the heart of your community and engage you all in embodying your highest potential.  I walk the talk of a successful life practice rooted in a palpable process through yoga. I connect with individual souls and the collective soul to raise vibration and yield confident clarity. 

Offer your group a unique experience that they will never forget.

Price on request […]

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Ms TanaDear Jaishree aka “The Chanel Yogi”,

For those of us who spend much of our time and money on classes, bodywork, and organic food, it is re-assuring to know we don’t have to give up our Lululemon, mani-pedicures, or hair appointments to reach a healthy spirituality.

Jaishree, your yoga classes and presence combine both East and West, athleticism and spirituality, humbleness and glamour. You have a common sense approach that suggests you have seen the dark side but reached the light. You have your feet both firmly on the ground in both worlds.  Tana Chandler, Dancer, Teacher, Marblehead, MA

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