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My name is Deborah Jaishree Spielman and I want a strong, healthy, vibrant body. I want a peaceful, focused, positive mind. I want to transform my negative, self-sabotaging patterns and experience the magnificence in each moment. I want to trust my intuition and be courageous in making powerful choices for my self, my family, and my business. I want to know who I am, what my service is in this life, and how I will attain balance and success.

I spent the first 25 years of my life as a devoted actress and singer. A seed sprouted through my conservatory training and travel that developed a deep bond with spiritual psychoanalysis and self-discovery. I became attracted to discipline and the science of self-realization. I cultivated a daily meditation and chanting practice. I experienced my first hatha yoga class at 18 and continually witness its evolution in amazement. Clearly, I am on the best date of my life – with myself. And I relish this method that has me living in gratitude as opposed to guilt, shame, and fear.

jaishree-aboutLiving with chronic pain, near death, and re-birth experience has shaped a desire and an ability in me to guide people towards their highest potential. Beyond various spiritual, meditative and healing trainings over the years, I awoke in 2009 to a transcendentally blessed and learned spiritual master. This decision to surrender my heart kick-started my entire being into it’s fullest promise. Today, my yoga classes, workshops, and retreats are effective, blissful, and fun for all levels because of this one-pointed focus and attachment to the lineage of my teachers. I practice responsible transparency which makes my ‘aha’ moments available and reflected in humor, stories, and rhythmic style. I deeply bow to all of my teachers, past and present, in various traditions on the yoga path.

I cultivated a daily meditation and chanting practice. I experienced my first hatha yoga class at 18 and continually witness its evolution in amazement. Clearly, I am on the best date of my life – with myself. ”


Serving in community is both my process and my goal. Literally translated as “the Song of God”, the ancient cornerstone text of yoga The Bhagavad-Gita says that every effort made on a positive spiritual path has gain for the seeker and is never wasted. The path I have chosen is inherently harmonious and sustainable, allowing us to admire our individuality in every way while coming together to be strong, supportive, forthright and healthy in relationship. JaiShree Yoga is a vibrant community based on the North shore of Boston, MA. We celebrate the fullness of the ancient Vedic path of yoga while balancing real world duty.

Yoga is inherently perfect for all people because it respects each and every spiritual path on this world’s colorful palette. We embrace the differences in ourselves and in each other and thereby connect to the nascent challenges we face in our world. In this way, we build upon harmony in relationship to our body, mind, and spirit as well as our collective community at large. Yoga is not simply breathing and moving into sweaty pretzel like positions – a yoga practice is a genuine life long journey into awakening our exceptional gifts and connection to each and every sentient being, to the universe, and to spirit. Yoga is the path to complete contentment, wisdom, and pure potency. Those of us who seek freedom and flow in our physical and spiritual body will find guidance into conscious evolution through the sacred science of devotional yoga, as taught by the Vedas.


I am an RYT Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Consultant, Meditation Coach, and Kirtan Singer who travels workshops, retreats, and musical offerings all over the globe.

I am dedicated to the path of evolving consciousness and healing. My intention is to connect to my students’ innate strength and wisdom by way of a unique and dynamic co-created yoga practice. Benefits are transformational for body, mind, and spirit. As a full time yoga teacher since 2007, I have over 400 hours of certified yoga training including Baron Baptiste levels 1 and 2, 45 hours of Prana Flow with Shiva Rea, 60 hours of Alignment and Assisting, Ayurveda Health Science with master acupuncturist Jonathan Glass, Meditation & Intentional Wisdom with master teacher Sonny Rose of the Healing Beyond Cancer program, plus countless hours of Bhakti yoga study with master swamis in India, Africa, and around the US in the traditional Pure Bhakti Yoga Society.

Services include Vinyasa yoga classes melding symbiotic blends of asana tradition, private yoga study, private Ayurveda and meditation study including chakra alignment, yoga philosophy study, devotional chanting, musical workshops and retreats. Our team travels my original Chakra Shakti Full Spectrum Body Balance, Yoga & Sound Healing, and Ayurveda: Secrets to Prana & Shakti workshops all over the globe. Yoga Retreats in the United States and Jagannatha Puri, India provide exciting opportunities for personal and communal growth.

The universe functions by a universal principle of love and affection. Your practice may call for meditation, chakra awareness, diet shift, or plain old song and dance. I live and breathe these seed principles, tools, and practice. We will walk the walk and talk the talk of ancient wisdom in an approachable and joyful manner. I offer a life’s worth of experience for anyone of any age to tap into radiance and ease.


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