Big Love

❤ Big Love + Gratitude for JaiShree Yoga


“Don’t forget what an amazing inspiration,
person and yoga teacher you are.”

You were my first yoga teacher and the one who inspired me to keep practicing. I went through such a stressful time in high school and I don’t know what I would have done without you and your classes. They were the only thing that kept me motivated, and because of you I searched for alternative therapies to cure something doctors said “wasn’t curable.” And I am SO happy and SOO thankful for that. Please don’t forget what an amazing inspiration and person and yoga teacher you are. I’m just one of the many lives you’ve touched! — Ally English, University Student

JaiShree, although I know our paths will pass again many times, I wanted to let you know how much Karen, Hannah, and I appreciated your practice and friendship. In yesterday’s class you mentioned the number of people there being some kind of omen but I guess not all omens are good ones although the class was very special as usual. I will always remember my first class with you, as a relative yoga newbie, having only taken a few men’s classes at the JCC. During savasana with my eyes closed, I remember hearing the beautiful music in the background. It was not until the following week that I realized it was you singing accompanied by Kala. I will never forget that. I know the two of you have great things ahead of you and will make a positive impact on many lives.
— Steve, Karen & Hannah Solomon, Yoga Family

JaiShree’s Soul Culture training program has been a life changing experience for me, and one of the best decisions I have made for my yoga career. In her Soul Culture Yoga School, I learned how to become a better person, student, and teacher. I highly recommend SCYS for anyone who is trying to improve their vinyasa flow, learn more about Bhakti yoga, or become a spectacular teacher.
— Shawna Finnegan, Soul Culture Yoga Teacher & Business Solutions Manager

“JaiShree is an amazing soul.”

JaiShree’s retreat to India is the trip of a lifetime to open your heart and mind. It’s about learning to let go of all expectation of this material world as you journey deeper into your true self. This trip will test the limits by allowing the raw parts of your being to come to the surface. Connecting with these parts of you transforms you as you realize it’s okay to be human! JaiShree will guide you into the depths of India, sharing the deeper meaning of life. She is an amazing soul and mother to all, patient and centered throughout the whole journey. Her humor and lightness kept the fun in the trip. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I will forever be changed!
— Maggie Fiorella-Winter, Teacher & Owner Greentea Yoga, Salem, MA

JaiShree invites her students into a transcendental odyssey of self discovery. Her school and soul mapping programs blend over 10 years of experience teaching in yoga and 20 years in spiritual healing. You are held and safe in this space to unravel and peel away layers of judgement and criticism. We bleed and find love, faith, hope, and grace. Even after taking her Soul Culture Yoga Teacher Training certification program, I continued to mentor with JaiShree and craft my passions to work with children and their caregivers worldwide. I hold her dear, as she has a gift to allow her students and clients an opportunity to discover their whole soul beingness without falling into fear and instead only choosing love.
— Mandy Given, Owner at Govinda Play Yoga & Busy Mom

Deb is so alive, present, inspiring. Her eyes radiate. Everybody feeds of her presence and spirit. It is refreshing to be a part of this. Her voice reaches deep, words make you explore the moment. It’s been a beautiful journey of discovery.
— Andreea Waters, Founder/Creative Director at Kai and Gipsy Urban Wear

“Don’t judge your situation. And don’t worry. Just spend time with JaiShree.”

There’s no better way to reset than spending “bliss” time with JaiShree. She had the gift when I met her 20 years ago and now she has mastered her craft. I’ve had the incredible honor of witnessing her development of Soul Mapping, of creating sacred space — whether the process happens over an hour, a day, a week. I’ve experienced JaiShree’s “Discover Your Bliss” Immersion several times over the past few years, and she’s helped me through my lowest points. I’ve literally arrived at her house a weeping mess. Each time, she revived me with morning Shakeology. From there, the magic carpet ride began. Through yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and awakening conversation, she always transforms me, filling me with laughter, and the confidence to own my bliss. Her generous, healing spirit continues to amaze. For anyone who needs an emotional or physical pick-me-up, don’t hesitate. Don’t judge your situation. And don’t worry. Just spend time with JaiShree.
— Katherine A., Creative Writer & Professor, Artist & Gallery Owner

These lessons have become a high point of my months. I see an amazing change, having gained strength, flexibility, and stamina! I’ve learned that slow, gentle Yoga can change one’s life. I have more energy and joy in my life. So I would like to say it is not too late. ‘Start a Yoga life style.’ And remember to be gentle. Many pleasures await you.” — Brenda Barry

I wasn’t certain what Soul Mapping would entail, and going through the session I wasn’t certain what to make of it. But what I feel and knew almost immediately after leaving last night is that my energy shifted and whatever was making me feel depleted previously was no longer present. I had a moment of awareness that I had returned to myself and felt empowered in a way that I have not in a long while. I had allowed my energy to be given without being able to find it within myself to return to my power of self. The day after, I felt grounded and now have a sense of clarity. I’m making good choices. I am feeling amazing!
— Angela Maione, Yoga Teacher & Director of Operations


“I am really pleased I finally exposed myself to yoga–and that you have been my guide.”

I view this whole new part of my life as important in the way it is meant to be—the full person. I always have been proud if my open mindedness, but I am really pleased I finally exposed myself to yoga—and that you have been my guide. I sometimes wish I had explored this earlier, but I don’t think I would have as fully appreciated it. I may not be fully into all of the amazing things you and Clarence talk about as opportunities available to me, but I am so grateful to have both of you influencing me at a time when my mind is open to such things. Of course Mary is the first influence. Long winded way of simply saying thank you! — Kevin Casey, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communication at Harvard University

My knee has not bothered me in the least, since your workshop today, and I can only think that, as you said, something needed to be released. I have felt much “clearer” since and have loosened the reins on trying to control outcome(s) in a couple of different areas of my life. I am an energy healer also, and something happened in your workshop that “kicked up” my ability with this. I found a new way to draw, channel, and direct the energy when I was so desperate to alleviate the pain in my knee while I was lying on my mat! Is that cool or what?! As much as I wanted to be able to get up and do my yoga practice with everyone else, it is clear to me now that there were other “plans” for me that, as you said, I was “supposed to be there” for. You are so amazing. Thank you again! You are a very gifted instructor and your husband the gifted cello player brought more life to my soul than he could ever know with his music and his voice. You make a wonderful team, blessing all of your receiving attendees with all of the trueness of its definition: “full of wonder.”
— Carla Beaulieu Iwata

Hi Deb! I had a great time this weekend! Thank you so much for being our hostess and leader. You are very engaging, charismatic, talented, and have a beautiful voice as well. I found the event great fun. I must admit is was much different than I had expected. I was thinking more straightforward yoga and more of it. However, I really enjoyed all of the non traditional yoga group “play” you had us do. I thought the chakra eye event was particularly powerful. The kirtans were both aspects I had a lot of….let me see, I guess “fear” is the right word, around. The moment Tom and Dazza started playing I loved it! I was also surprised to find that I really enjoyed the dancing Kirtan as well; I particularly liked the respect line up at the end and the group circle; the vibration in that circle was amazing!. The group dynamic was awesome. I’ve been involved in other multi day group activities where everyone gets super close and open with one another. That aspect was wonderful and enjoyable. — Thomas Buckborough, Architect/President & Design Director at Thomas Buckborough Associates


“I am a better mother, wife, child, sister, friend and human being because of her teachings, philosophy, and loving devotion.”

JaiShree is my yoga “mother”! I say this because I truly believe that when she started teaching me I was reborn. I am not the same person that I was a few years ago, and I have my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful teacher to thank for that. With patience and devoted love, Jai taught me to be present. She taught me to let go, to detach from that which does not serve me, but most importantly she taught me how to breathe. Breathe through a pose, breathe through tension, breathe through stress, just breathe. In her presence, I was calm and at peace. Under her watchful guidance, I transformed. In her divine and spiritual light I was able to let go, to love more, to be happy, and redefine my path in order to live my authentic life.

My transformation has been life changing and I believe that I am a much more healthy, patient, tolerant, non-judgmental and loving person today because of her. I am a better mother, wife, child, sister, friend and human being because of her teachings, philosophy, and loving devotion. I offer JaiShree my humble gratitude for being my light and helping me to be on this path, because it has not only impacted me positively but it has also helped me to raise more thoughtful, caring, and loving children, and that is something that I will treasure until I take my last breath. JaiShree is an amazing teacher, I have encountered no other like her, in the two years since I moved, and though I live far from her, her teachings are now part of my family legacy. Om Shanti my teacher!
Your humble and loving student, Dorothy
— Dorothy Handy, Director Sales Readiness at Oracle

I’ve been a Software Engineer for about 20 years, and during that time, I’ve found it difficult to not be constantly thinking of code. My brain is always writing code, and solving software engineering problems. That is until I started taking yoga. Now, when JaiShree or another yoga teacher says to concentrate on my breath, or to clear my mind of the days events, I’m surprised to find that my mind is already blank. When I’m practicing yoga, I’m rarely aware of problems at work, or other things that dominate my brain at other times. Even when I’m not at yoga, I now find it easier to breathe, and easier to “let go”. As far as I can tell, I’m also taller, and my posture has greatly improved. — Brian Weed, Senior Software Engineer at MathWorks

Having the opportunity to spend a day discovering my bliss with JaiShree was transforming to say the least. I had always enjoyed yoga, but my day long experience with JaiShree transformed my joy into a passion. Not only a passion for the practice, but a passion for life and all of that inhabits it. If you want to live your life with an open heart and open eyes I would take the unique journey in discovering your bliss with JaiShree. — Hannah Belle Solomon, Events Coordinator, Boston

“A true blessing of JaiShree is her ability to connect with her students, understand what it is they need and encourage them give it to themselves.”

As a college student, JaiShree’s honest and playful approach to yoga captivated an otherwise occasional yogi at best. Through her practice I learned to be gentle with myself as well as the importance of being fully present in my daily life. Recently, I began new career in a new industry. When my company was considering beginning a monthly yoga class, I knew just the person to call. I knew JaiShree’s grounded and loving spirit would compliment a start-up company’s hyper-driven and usually harried office environment. She delivered. My continued work with her through recent years has inspired me to join her retreat to Costa Rica in February 2014. I am eager to see how she will blend the raw beauty of the jungle and its coastline with the beauty of every retreat member. A true blessing of JaiShree is her ability to connect with her students, understand what it is they need and encourage them give it to themselves.
— Ashley MacDonald, Manager

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