It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” Marianne Williamson


Jaishree aka Deborah Dow-Spielman is an ERYT Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, ayurveda health & meditation coach, kirtan singer and writer. She is the creator and lead trainer of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Soul Culture Yoga School™, and has over 400 hours of certified yoga training including Baron Baptiste Levels 1, 2 & Certification, 75 hours of Prana & Rasa Flow with Shiva Rea, 60 hours of Alignment & Assisting with YogaThree, and various trainings with the world’s preeminent yoga teachers.  She is a certified JivAtma Energy Healer (vedic naturopath) with Jonathan Glass L.Ac.M.Ac., CHT of the Healing Essence Center and spent 4 years as a student of Meditation & Intentional Wisdom Coaching with Sonny Rose of the Healing Beyond Cancer Program. Since 2008, Jaishree has spent countless hours of bhakti yoga & vedanta study with master swamis in India, Africa, and the United States in the Pure Bhakti Yoga Society Lineage of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. She channeled the empowerment healing process Soul Mapping™, a coaching that guides all varieties of people into highest vibrational being by connecting the subtle layer power points of their unique life blueprint to their consciousness culture.


They say I came out the womb singing and dancing. I vividly remember lots of rapping freestyle stories and teaching to pretend students. So at least I was a creative bossypants. I spent the first 30 years of my life devoted to the art of acting. I loved the craft. From early age, I had lucid dreams and visions of experiences that didn’t happen in this lifetime. Theatre provided the vehicle to appropriately direct these “knowings”  into form and service. Of course, I didn’t have awareness of this back then, it just felt good.  I had a blast training in a prestigious conservatory, touring the country, singing with marvelous choirs, and working summer stock theatre. But the hustle of this work began to drown me. I wasn’t aligned with the hustle. In my late 20’s, I left  New York City for the commercial studio life of Los Angeles. I spiraled downward so severely that I nearly lost my life, multiple times.  In 2006, I returned to Boston to devote my life to healing. I went 100% in to the murky, yet illuminating, process of deep spiritual psychotherapy, conscious mind/ego cleansing, and ayurvedic naturopath health science.

I filled every day with yoga classes, study of Vedanta philosophy, astrology, mantra chanting, personal prayer and reconnection in responsible relationship. If not for the lifetime of human behavior study as an actor, coupled with the suffering I endured, I may not have the ability to connect so vividly with my current students’ transformations. I am grateful.

In May 2009, I met the teacher of my soul Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja and followed him to India for almost two years until his physical passing in late 2010.  Ever day, I discover fresh and sweet resonant truths from the unbroken lineage into which I have been initiated. I’m closer to my Srila Gurudeva than ever. Our swami teachers and devotees all over the world consistently inspire me to do more service and to appreciate the value of this human birth. I bow deeply to all of my spiritual guides on this journey, especially to my first Gurus, my parents Marge and Jerry, and to my sacred husband, Kalanidhi das.

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